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 Stunt Driving and How It Affects My Insurance?

Stunt Driving and How It Affects My Insurance?

A stunt driving ticket can be given to any driver going over 50km/h of the posted speed limit. It is provincial law and issued under The Highway Traffic Act 172.Insurance companies do not automatically know about a stunt driving ticket you may have received. The insurance will learn of your driving charge from either a claim, accident, or pulling your driving record.In the Province of Ontario, your driving record is called an “Abstract”. Your driving record is your history of traffic tickets you have received in the last three years.Your driving record is available from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

When renewing insurance, your provider will obtain a copy of your driving history to see if there have been any driving convictions, and then base your rates upon that. A stunt driving charge where you are found guilty may deem you as a high-risk driver. Many insurance companies do not hold policies for what they call high-risk drivers. There are insurance providers that do insure high-risk individuals. The insurance costs for these policies are relatively high vs. an individual deemed not a high risk. A stunt driving charge will stay on your driver’s abstract for three years. Other than looking at an increase insurance rate with this charge, you may also face:

  • six demerit points.
  • $2,000 – $10,000 Fine.
  • up to six months in jail.
  • 7-day impoundment of the vehicle.
  • Immediate 7-day driver license suspension.
  • Possible further two-year suspension upon conviction.

As you can see, a stunt driving charge will lead to many problems for the driver.Everyone is working towards obtaining the best auto insurance rates possible. There is no need to pay more than you legally have to. A stunt driving ticket is unnecessary and avoidable by all. Think about the dangers you pose to others and yourself before committing this driving offense.