Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Sudbury is known for its outdoor activities. Many residents enjoy their outdoor toys in the trails, bush, and water during the summer and winter seasons. Although these off-road and on-water recreational vehicles are enjoyed by most, accidents are commonly known to happen. United Link Insurance Brokers has been covering ATV’s for over a decade. When a new client comes to us unsure of the type of policy they need to have peace of mind that they are protected in case of an accident fully covered, our experience comes into play.

ATV Insurance

 Let’s face it. Off-road all-terrain vehicles can be dangerous. Both inexperienced and experienced ATV drivers all face the same hazardous conditions that may, unfortunately, lead to an accident.

Motorcycle Insurance

 Many people in Sudbury are motorcycle enthusiasts. For some, there is nothing like hitting the open highway on their bike during a warm summer day. According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, in Ontario, Motorcycles account for:  ( Compared to car accidents. )

    • Five times the deaths 


    • Six times the medical costs 


  • 10 times the severe injuries 

Snowmobile Insurance

Many people look forward to winter and snow. There are many trails in and around Sudbury that people take to with their sleds each year. Each year there are news reports of snowmobile accidents that caused significant injuries and even deaths. Having the proper insurance in place in the event of a bad situation will protect you from lawsuits due to injury or death, you may be at fault.

Motor Home Insurance

 A significant investment you may make with your family is a motor home. Family outings are fun during the summer months, so ensure you have the right coverage protecting both your RV and your loved ones. Unsure of the type of RV policy you need? Call our Insurance office in Sudbury today, and one of our experienced brokers will ask you a few questions and know the kind of coverage you are looking for.

Boat Insurance

Out on the water is loved by all throughout the summer months. Unfortunately, this is a time when many boating accidents occur. From sailboats, speed boats, and fishing boats, unforeseen circumstances happen where people are injured, or loss of life occurs. Insurance companies take this type of coverage very seriously, and as your provider, we want to make sure you have the best insurance protecting you, your family, and friends in a misfortunate event.

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    Wes and Joanna were highly recommended by our close friends and a co-worker. Robert (Paquin?) is the broker we worked with and he was awesome! Very knowledgeable and saved us a lot of money, we will definitely refer anyone needing insurance to them! tks again.

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    More then efficient on any issues I've encountered...

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    Robert went above and beyond for us! He worked around our schedule and got us incredibly low rates. He took the time to go over our policies thoroughly and ensured we had coverage we actually needed. Highly recommend!

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    Been dealing with Mark Mcbain for 5 years now, always been an easy and quick experience getting my auto and home insurance dialled in. Would recommend him to any one that is shopping around.

    The cost of motorcycle insurance might come as a surprise to new drivers. The average price of insurance in Ontario for a motorcycle is 1300.00 per year. Keep in mind, your driving history and age may play a part in your rate.

    Although boat insurance is not required by law in Ontario, there may be times when it is deemed necessary. Loan companies and a marina may require you to carry an insurance policy on your vessel.

    The average cost in Ontario is 500 per year. The insurance price does vary from one owner to the next. Remember your rate might be eligible for a discount if you are combining your auto insurance with it. Please speak to one of our insurance brokers for more details on this insurance discount.

    • The age of the driver.
    • Any previous insurance claims or tickets.
    • The size of the vehicle.
    • Top speed of the vehicle.
    • CC or Engine displacement.
    • The value of the ATV.

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