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Auto Insurance is a law here in Ontario. United Link Insurance Brokers in Sudbury has been protecting drivers for over a decade. Our job as a broker is to find you the proper coverage at the lowest price. Choosing an insurance provider is an important decision you must make. You want your broker to be there when you have questions or concerns about your coverage. You can look for online reviews left by other customers or can even ask the broker themselves what hours they will be in the office each week just in case you have any questions for them. Like buying the car itself, most people do not say yes when being sold something. Shop around and call other brokers for the cost for your auto insurance. But always keep in mind, just because someone can get you a rate that is a bit cheaper does not necessarily mean they are the best company for you. Make sure the provider you choose is reputable, and your insurance broker is genuine.


Different Auto Insurance providers offer their clients various options to pay. Options for payment may be:

    • Full-year upfront
    • 6-month plan
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly

You want to choose a provider that meets your payment term needs. There are many insurance brokers out there, so there is no reason for you to feel trapped into a payment term you are not comfortable with.

insurance deduction

Auto Insurance deductibles are part of your policy. This outlines the amount of money you must pay before your insurance provider covers the cost of a claim. Most car insurance deductable rates range from 500.00 – 1000.00. At United Link Insurance our brokers have your best interests at hand. We know you are searching and looking for insurance savings while still having the protection you need from a reliable company with people who do care. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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    Wes and Joanna were highly recommended by our close friends and a co-worker. Robert (Paquin?) is the broker we worked with and he was awesome! Very knowledgeable and saved us a lot of money, we will definitely refer anyone needing insurance to them! tks again.

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    More then efficient on any issues I've encountered...

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    Robert went above and beyond for us! He worked around our schedule and got us incredibly low rates. He took the time to go over our policies thoroughly and ensured we had coverage we actually needed. Highly recommend!

    The law in Ontario states that every driver must have auto insurance to drive. Like a driver's license, driving without insurance carries a hefty fine and punishment from the law.

    Your insurance broker will need your personal information, such as a driver's license. Also needed will be the information about your vehicles such as make, model, VIN and year.


    According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the average monthly cost for car insurance is 120.00. But please keep in mind other factors can affect your rate, such as:

    • Where you live
    • Driving History
    • Type of vehicle you drive

    Other factors may come into play in which your Sudbury Insurance Broker would thoroughly explain to you.


    Sudbury is known as a city that has many vehicles on the road. Some new drivers are licensed daily. New drivers may find that their insurance rates are quite high compared to those of a more experienced driver who has had their driver's license for years longer. It would be best if you first established yourself as a responsible driver before your rates would lower. Your Sudbury Insurance Broker at United Link would be able to tell you more on this subject.

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    The subject of car insurance can be confusing or overwhelming for many people. Your Sudbury Insurance Broker has gone through all the legalities of fully understanding the Insurance Laws in Ontario. Their vast knowledge in this industry is used to find you the best car insurance rate possible.